So my story begins with me being born in a Baptist Missionary Hospital in the jungles of Indonesia.  My parents weren't missionaries, but that was the only "Americanized" hospital around.  I lived the first 3 years of my life on the Island of Java, there I believe the roots of travel and adventure took hold.  Our family moved back to The States and I begin a fairly normal childhood, well catching crawdads, riding bikes, running up dirt roads in a rural suburb just outside of Oklahoma City.  I guess it was my normal.  I come from two vastly different parts of the world but both are intimately connected to the earth.  This connection is the corner stone of how I view the world and why I want to photograph it. When I can, I travel and love exploring new parts of the world.

I received my Bachelors of Business Administration at the University of Oklahoma.  And yes I worked in the business world for quite a few years.  I never felt connected to the work or the lifestyle that came with it.  So I chose to stay home and raise 3 completely off the wall amazing kids.  Luckily they have survived my parenting and are somewhat normal.  After the death of my mother I came to see just how short life is and I made the decision to do what I've ALWAYS wanted to do, which is be a National Geographic Photographer....I'm still waiting on the call.  So in the mean time I am crafting my photography and finding my place in the world.  Outside of my children it truly is what I think about every single day.  I look at life in pictures most of the time.  I can be driving down the road and just look at someone driving next to me and think, wow that could be a powerful photograph...and also how dangerous it would be to hold my camera out the window while driving 70mph...oh but yes I've done it.  So far I've lived to tell about it. 

Give me a shout if you are ready to create some brilliant photography together or maybe just check out what I have in the vault to offer.  I leave you with a quote from a song...and naturally it's Madonna (I'm really dating myself here) but this is one from my younger days and it's still one of my favorites.

"I know where beauty lives
I've seen it once, I know the warm she gives"
            --Madonna, Live To Tell